About Us

"I recommend Alive to anyone with a long asset list and a short timeline." -

Why Outsource

Just a few of the many benefits of working with us:



cubeProduction resources on demand



30-40% reduction in total development
costs - increased bottom line profit



tachometerImproved resource planning and
development efficiency - reduced carry costs during lulls in production schedules and
non-productive periods.

clocksCut development time to market in half - virtual 24-hour production day created by time difference.




24/7 Instant production information and tracking via Aliveworx (Alive's online project management system)




It has become virtually impossible to produce all of the art required for a title without building a budget busting in-house art team. It is especially costly to carry those overheads during non-productive phases. It is a balancing act to keep a long-term game production on schedule using a limited number of in-house artists while dictated by budget constraints.

As a result, some studios resort to a regular "hiring & firing" practice in an attempt to keep their overhead down. We are all familiar with long periods of crunching in order to complete large amounts of artwork, which can sometimes have a negative impact on the morale of a studio.


Building a relationship with Alive alleviates these time/cost pressures.

by providing a scalable art team, where resources can increase or decrease on demand.


Whether working on a short or long-term contractual basis, the art budget becomes more predictable, production efficiency more controllable, overhead costs are lowered and the hidden carrying costs are eliminated.