About Us

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"You have provided excellent service and high quality work and we have been continually
impressed by your ability to deliver on every project." - ELECTRONIC ARTS

Our Services

Our experienced team of 3D and 2D artists can support you with:


  • Low & high poly mesh build and reduction
  • Texture creation and mapping
  • LODs
  • Character design from sketch to final mesh
  • Backgrounds and environments
  • Key frame character ani-mation
  • Cinematic animation, cut-scene and FMV



Alive's services allow your in-house creative teams more time and energy to devote to intriguing design, creative solutions and R&D while reducing development costs and greatly improving production efficiency.

Projects may be controlled and precisely tracked by clients via Alive's proprietary, online project management system, Aliveworx which creates a secure, seamless workflow between teams located anywhere in the world.

Alive's artists are well versed in all versions of Maya, 3DSMax, Z-Brush and a variety of development tools.