About Us

"I believe in your business model and would love another
opportunity to work with you guys." - BIG SKY INTERACTIVE

Our Process

Working with Alive - Process Overview


Alive is known for its consistent and reliable production process developed from years of
working directly with teams from the top video game companies in the world.


We focus very strongly on pre-production and making sure that our team and yours are set
up for success from the very beginning.

Below is an overview of our process:




Pilot Test


At Alive we believe that for any project to truly succeed, the pre-production and planning phase is in many ways the most crucial stage.


We are strong believers in the pilot test (when possible) as essential for defining the expectations of the client and the nailing down workflow between teams.


From the pilot test we are able to detail a project's:


- Parameters
- Design gaps
- Production time
- Benchmark for project


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Production Process


Maximizing efficiency between teams while consistently delivering above expectations and on-schedule are our priorities.


Through a detailed process known as a Gated Development Style, the project moves forward via feedback loops structured to allow appropriate feedback and delivery times.


At each step in the process we are making sure along with the client that we are on track and meeting the defined benchmarks. Our production process is designed so that there are no surprises and we achieve a real synergy between the client team and Alive team.


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