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"Your dedication to the craft of 3D digital art has helped us to create
the highest quality titles year after year." - ELECTRONIC ARTS

Our Studio

Alive Interactive is one of the most respected and reliable 3D outsourcing vendors in the games industry with over 10 years of experience supporting small developers and top studios like Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games and Sony.


Alive's studio is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and is comprised of over 40 modelers, texture artists, animators and project managers.

Our studio is fully equipped for games, cinematic and FX digital content development.


All of our team leads, project managers and the majority of our staff are fluent in English and
more than comfortable conversing directly with client teams via email, over the phone and in person.
When a client works with Alive,
they tap into a deep resource of experience, talent and dedication.

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