Frequently Asked Questions

Carve - Argonaut
"I am impressed not only with the art abilities of your team, but with
their attitude and communication skills as well." - NOVALOGIC



How do you charge? At what rate?


Alive typically does project pricing. This means we will submit a bid with a project price for your consideration. The price takes into consideration resources, time and expertise requirements. If you would prefer us to work on an hourly basis this is also possible. A discount rate is determined based on the volume of work required. Please contact us for exact pricing.



How are you different from your competitors? Why should I choose Alive?



Alive has an excellent track record of work with leading game developers from around the world. We understand the clients needs and expectations after years of working directly with the world's top game development studios.


Superior-caliber artists who can create flawless, state of the art, high-poly artwork and animations for every type of platform.

Easy Integration:

Easy Integration: By means of Aliveworx, our proprietary online Project Management System.


We are based in Asia, and managed by an international team conforming to Western business practices.


Art resources on demand. Convenient to switch on and off. No HR searches, no complicated termination issues, no carrying capacity during downtimes.


Unlike working with freelancers, Alive provides a fully-managed art and administration team prepared to implement your requirements.


Why should we outsource in the first place?


The question in today's market is why aren't you outsourcing already? Outsourcing art production saves your company time, increases your in-house efficiency, allows you to maintain a small team size focusing on creating innovative, original titles, and provides an effective means of significantly reducing your expenses.


Your studios are on the other side of the world? Won't that be a hassle?


Not at all. Actually, it will speed things up and increase efficiency. By means of Aliveworx, our proprietary online Project Management System (PMS), our artists can easily be integrated with your team and supervised by your project manager from his/her desktop. The fact that Alive is "on the other side of the world" is a benefit to production in that we start working when you are closing up the office. When you get into work in the morning, our team's progress will be waiting for you to review, update, and adjust. Our location, in effect, creates a virtual 24-hour workday for your company, and as such can actually reduce the total production time for yo ur project.


What experience do you have? What about references?


We're glad you asked. Alive has a very strong project history and can provide a long list of references among its satisfied customers. Contact us for access to our complete company overview which gives an overview of Alive's past projects and client testimonials.